26 Questions with Hueman — The Partners

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We wanted you to get a little personal with us, so we decided to start a new series, in which we present our beautiful, witty, creative team.

We asked them 26 questions about life, agency, work. This time, our special guests are Angi Adamcsik— Managing Partner, and Flavius Veliciu — Creative Director, the proud parents of Hueman. :)

So…here we go! Read all the questions and get to know them better.

Angi: The evenings.

Flavius: Between 8 and 10 AM.

Angi: Maybe it's not the biggest, but I focus too much on the details.

Flavius: Time management.

Angi: Determination.

Flavius: Always up for a good challenge.

Angi: Hueman, as a whole.

Flavius: Everyday is a new experience.

Angi: When my objectives are well defined.

Flavius: When I’m not looking for inspiration.

Angi: None, I get bored easily. Buuut, I can always play Michael Buble's Christmas songs.

Flavius: Gorillaz — All Alone.

Angi: I'm afraid of birds.

Flavius: I don’t like to lose.

Angi: Digital.

Flavius: Tricky, love them both. But we do live in a digital era.

Angi: I'll quote one of my colleagues: ” loud motivation booster”.

Flavius: Professional intelligent idiot.

Angi: I can't choose, all of them have something special.

Flavius: Apa Bucovina — The Homepage.

Angi: Coffeeee!

Flavius: The coffeemaker.

Angi: „Kiss that frog”, by Brian Tracy and Christina Tracy Stein

Flavius: ”It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want To Be” by Paul Arden

Angi: Shower and coffee.

Flavius: With a snooze.

Angi: You never have to stop learning.

Flavius: Follow your dreams, work hard and you’re gonna make it in the end.

Angi: That I should lose some weight :)) But really, I think she'll be proud of who I am today.

Flavius: You should have done better than that.

Angi: I love the challenges, the fact that I get the chance to work with smart people and that I learn something new everyday.

Flavius: Being paid for ideas.

Angi: Drawing.

Flavius: D.A.N.C.E.

Angi: Client offers.

Flavius: Restaurant menus.

Angi: Defining the strategy and concept.

Flavius: Step 2 — Research and discovery.

Angi: We managed to grow in a difficult context.

Flavius: Not a great year for sure, but starting the year in London was a pretty special moment.

Angi: Pop-up ads.

Flavius: Well, trends come and go, so they’ll eventually disappear.

Angi: When I can finish my to-do list without interuptions. :D Usually in the afternoon.

Flavius: On my extra hours.

Angi: Social Media.

Flavius: Love the Classic, but rather do the Social.

Angi: Office work.

Flavius: The Office.

Angi: Branding campaigns.

Flavius: Brand Identity.

Angi: Not really.

Flavius: 💡

… vs Reality

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